No Winter Without Fall

I used to think of you 333 times a day
Today, I only thought of you 332 times
Little by little you will peel away from me, imitating what autumn does to the trees
And slowly, painfully, I will be naked without you

There is an elegance about suffering in all its bewitching allure-
One that makes you drunk off of sacrilegious behavior and undaunted consequence
A biting wind hits flesh like sharpened knives
But there is hope beneath these bones that makes a shelter within me

I, much like the world around me, will be taken by high tides and the undertow
And I, much like the body of water that drowns me, will find new depth to each blow
There’s no telling where we’ll go, but there are certain things in life
That are best kept (until we arrive) underneath the masked plateau

-NL 12/12/15